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You can buy Birthday and Christmas vouchers as a present for your friend or family member. See samples below.

What you need to do to purchase the vouchers:

1. Contact our office regarding the purchase.
2. Pay for the voucher.
3. Insert the name of person you giving a voucher.
4. Pass the voucher to the person.
5. Tell the person to book complimentary music lessons by calling us on (03) 99424066 or by filling in Brief Enquiry form on our website, or emailing us on info@allasmusicstudio.com.au. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

alla's music studio xmas voucher
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Alla’s Music Studio teaching team

We offer individual and group music lessons, suited for beginners as well as tertiary students of all ages.

We appreciate that all students are individuals and should be given the opportunity to express themselves in music.

We provide preparation for AMEB, ABRSM, VCE and other examinations.

We organize student's performances several times a year.

We can book music lessons for all of your children at the same day and time.

We can sell and hire music instruments and books for you from our studio.

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Private Music Lessons

We offer individual music lessons of 30, 45 or 60 mins for Piano, Violin, Guitar, Voice and other musical instruments

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Student Concerts

We run student concerts in Melbourne's Kingston Town Hall

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Qualified and Experienced Music Teachers

Alla's Music Studio is filled with friendly and talented teachers who share their love for music with students
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Music Instruments We Work With

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Double Bass

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Bass guitar

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Music Theory


Shorter lesson times are great for young children and those who are learning their instrument for the first time. Younger children may not have the attention span to get the most out of a full hour music lesson, and playing an instrument for the first time like the guitar can make your fingers tired!

6 to 7 years old: Many parents feel the pull to get their children started in music lessons around kindergarten and first grade.

  1. Brain growth
  2. Language skills
  3. Maths skills
  4. Memory, attention and concentration
  5. Increased coordination
  6. Achievement and discipline
  7. Social skills
  8. The joy of music
  9. Music for life

Is 30 too old to learn music?

You are never too old to learn and create music. You can learn piano, guitar, violin, songwriting, or composition at any age.

Science has proven time and time again that the human brain is capable of learning music and retaining new information anytime, no matter how old or young you are.

What makes a good music teacher?

A great music teacher is well-organized, conscientious of the time, and knows how to stay productive during the entire duration of each music lesson. But organization goes both ways. You'll need to be well-organized, too, and should arrive to your music lessons early so that you're ready to start promptly on time.

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