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Trumpet lessons

Our Trumpet Teachers

Samuel Kogan

Samuel teaches in Bentleigh studio.

Woodwind Teacher (saxophone, clarinet, flute, recorder, trumpet and music theory).

Samuel has an extensive experience in teaching music both in Australia and overseas. He worked at St Michael’s Grammar School in Melbourne as a Music Teacher (clarinet and saxophone) for 10 years. In addition to teaching, he was responsible for conducting the Junior School Wind Ensemble and the Senior School Wind Band, as well as several other wind groups.

His credentials extend to a Bachelor’s degree in music (education, conducting, solo performance) and he is a VIT Registered teacher. Samuel has knowledge in teaching AMEB and has competency to teach VCE music.

Throughout his teaching career he has directed a number of ensembles, such as concert bands, saxophone ensemble, clarinet ensemble, flute ensemble and mixed ensembles.

The benefits

  • Develops mental dexterity, cognitive efficiency and clarity
  • Promotes physical development (core, lungs and posture)
  • Improves ability to project and be heard regardless of room size
  • Develops finger dexterity and simultaneous hand-eye coordination
  • Trains self-confidence and the ability to perform publicly
  • Lots of opportunities to play different musical styles
  • Enhances sense of timing and rhythm