Music Holiday Program Glen Eira

Music Holiday Program

school holiday program


  • Half day sessions: $ 38.00 per person
  • Full day sessions for individual days (max 4): $ 78.00 per person
  • 1 full week: $ 355.00 per person
Fun music-based Kinaesthetics:

Developing kids movements in time to rhythms and different styles of music.


It's all about FUN, FUN, FUN! - The JUMP-IN! for kids exercise is fun and easy to follow and your little ones will get a great total body workout without realizing they are exercising. Suitable for varying ages & coordination levels, through a brisk 30-minute routine.

We combine some of the best diverse music hits from around the world drawing upon retro and contemporary favorites, often including an international flavor. Children are gently guided through moves from the history of music in various styles. Exercise moves with a world influence such as Rock n’ roll, pop and even Bollywood style dancing to provide an exotic, contemporary feel to sessions.

Brief pauses between segments give children a chance for a breather and refueling as needed. The exercises are developmentally appropriate, vigorous and fun that boost daily motor skill coordination and development.

The program meets your kids where they are at in terms of fitness and talent levels - beginners through advanced - they're all welcome so no one feels the need for perfection. This workout is designed to use large muscle groups and the range of motion involves the entire body so your children will enjoy breathing deeper and faster, more than during typical activities and exercise.

Aerobic Dancing:
  • Warm-up – We start off moving to something slow for about 5-10 minutes which will prepare your child for more vigorous activities.
  • High Impact - After warming up, the main aerobic routine will last about 20-30 minutes with short rests in between. Children can join in as any level of intensity they feel comfortable with…the main point is moving to the beat!
  • Cool Down – We spend the last 5-10 minutes of the aerobic dance routine cooling down and relaxing. This will give the children a chance to stretch their muscles and let their heart rates to slowly come down.

Designed to increase your child’s musical understanding and appreciation. We play music based games that get children interacting, such as musical statues, rhythm clapping activities, simple theory games so your child begins to recognise the rudiments of music, or develops their current knowledge.


creating a musically themed artwork with the help of professional artists and musicians. For example, Making and decorating a ‘rattle-drum’ etc.


With the help of our own musicians, small groups learn to explore their own musical creativity on instruments provided such as keyboards, guitars and/or instruments made during music craft’ in morning session.


Small group performance using instruments provided/made during ‘music craft’.

Animated Movies:

Variety of musically based animated movies to help students unwind and enjoy music in theater and sing-a-long to their favorites.

"Kids Voice":

We will be concentrate in developing our voice and performing skills. we will have a small concert at the end that project.

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