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Piano Lessons For Children & Adults That Inspire Bentleigh East, Melbourne

Alla's Music Studio offers piano lessons for all ages, from beginners all the way to professional levels. Whether you're looking to take to the world stage in a band or orchestra, or just hoping to play your favourite songs at home, our teachers will work with you to help you achieve your goals.

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Piano Lessons Melbourne

We aim to foster a love and passion for music in all of our students, providing you with the support and guidance you need to succeed. We're one of the leading providers of piano lessons in Melbourne.

Why You Should Learn to Play The Piano?

The piano is often regarded as one of the fundamental musical instruments. With each musical note laid out in a row, it's the perfect way to put music theory into practice and visualise how music works. While it can take a while to become truly comfortable with the piano, the work is worth it as it opens up a whole new world of music. We offer lessons for various styles, including Classical piano, Modern, Jazz, Blues, Rock and more.

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Advantages of Learning The Piano with Us

Through your lessons with us, you'll learn melody, harmony, rhythm, and practical music theory, and develop skills like hand-eye coordination, how to read sheet music, improvisation, and more.

  • Relieves stress
  • Enhances split concentration (through the use of both hands + feet)
  • Stimulates the brain, improving neural connections
  • Strengthens hand muscles
  • Improves language skills
  • Improves vocabulary and other classroom skills
  • Stimulates growth hormones to aid development
  • Helps in receiving criticism more easily

Tailored Piano Lessons in Melbourne

While our lessons are based on a set curriculum, following one of four main streams of musical education, we tailor all our lessons to match the student. Everyone learns music differently. For some, it's mechanical learning, precise and organised, while others learn through experimentation and emotion.

We aim to work out what works best for each student and provide them with lessons that will help them achieve their goals in a way that works for them. The teacher you choose can have a large impact on your learning as well.

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Keyboard Purchase And Hire in Melbourne

If you don't have a piano, we offer keyboard hire and purchase through our music studio. We have a range of piano keyboards available that can be brought home to practice with if you're not ready to commit to buying a full piano. Talk to us today for more information.

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Private Music Lessons

We offer individual music lessons of 30, 45 or 60 mins for Piano, Violin, Guitar, Voice and other musical instruments

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Student Concerts

We run student concerts in Melbourne's Kingston Town Hall

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Qualified and Experienced Music Teachers

Alla's Music Studio is filled with friendly and talented teachers who share their love for music with students
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See what our clients saying about our music lessons

Adam_ Therooster
Adam_ Therooster
02:04 23 Oct 23
Great music school with excellent teachers. My son enjoys his piano lessons here with Samuel, a kind and talented pianist. Thanks Samuel! Alex inspires to be like you!
Karen Utomo
Karen Utomo
07:26 19 Jul 23
The studio is very comfortable for students. And Teachers are very knowledgeable and very considerate in setting achievable goals. We could see progress and development in our son’s piano skills.The teacher we had is Gabe and some subtitute teachers such as Samuel, Alex, Adele.Note to the admin who always give reminders and care for the student’s timetable, and making sure we are happy and taken care of.
Simon Zandberg
Simon Zandberg
00:51 28 Apr 23
Although mostly servicing school-age music students, Alla's Music Studio caters for all ages and is a really well-operated music school.Jack McNamara has been giving me trumpet lessons there since mid December 2022 and I could not expect to have a better teacher.Jack is incredibly passionate not just about playing trumpet, but in imparting his knowledge and experience to others.Jack is beyond his years in maturity and ability to connect with his students.For over four months so far, he has kept me engaged and excited in learning this most difficult of instruments.The more I improve, the more he feeds my hunger for greater challenges with clever tips, tricks and things to practice between lessons.
Ping Yang
Ping Yang
04:42 22 Feb 23
Alla and her team are amazing. My little one and myself have both enjoyed the piano lessons with the teacher, Agnes, not only because she focuses on the accuracy of the notes, but the theories by showing and asking my little one to write the notes. This is something, I know, my little girl will benefit forever. Agnes is a super star, with clear instructions and encouraging tones. Thank you. Also thank you to Rita - the best assistant you can ever find in Australia!
sushma tata
sushma tata
00:15 17 Feb 23
Alla’s music team is very welcoming & professional. This music studio has a very friendly atmosphere & Liam is very patient with my son. He is very skilled and focused on my son’s learning. I see my son growing in confidence in his guitar skills. Liam understands my child’s interests & not only teaches him how to play guitar with good technique, but he also encourages my child to enjoy it! Liam also emails recordings for practice. Highly recommend Liam for guitar learning.
03:55 24 Dec 22
Alla and her team have always been great at running the studio and music lessons!The teachers are top-notch and the atmosphere and presentation in the studio is always relaxed and welcoming.Margarita the receptionist is always on-point and keeps on top of things whilst Alex the IT assistant keeps tabs on the website side of things, ensuring things operate smoothly behind the scenes.Would recommend everyone in the area who has kids interested in learning to play instruments to contact this school as they're the best around!
Liyan Du
Liyan Du
11:44 17 Dec 22
Highly recommend Alla’s music studio! Alla and Rita and amazing, very professional and super friendly. Piano teacher Samuel is an awesome teacher, he is extremely good with teaching young children with his kindness, patience and great sense of humor. My 5-year-old loves coming every week.
Michael Weisman
Michael Weisman
08:51 14 Dec 22
Alla and staff are incredibly nice to deal with and very prompt when I have to reschedule or cancel my daughter’s piano lesson, which has happened a few times during 2022. Another good thing about the studio is that lessons continue throughout the school term breaks, unlike most other extracurricular activities. My daughter has progressed so much in the short time she’s been learning piano at the studio. It’s a testament to the expertise and professionalism of Alla and staff members. Highly recommend sending your kids to this studio!
Shai Lavi
Shai Lavi
05:17 09 Dec 22
The teachers here are incredibly patient. My 7 year old loves coming every week!
Dr Anushi rajapaksa
Dr Anushi rajapaksa
23:48 08 Dec 22
Highly recommend Alla's studio for music lessons for kids! We have been attending for a year and are so impressed with the student's achievements and teachers' dedication. Their bi-yearly concert is a culmination of this and tastement to their outstanding performance!
Odille Barry
Odille Barry
05:54 08 Dec 22
Samuel is very a talented artist and knows how to convey his passion to his students. My daughter progressed a lot and loves to play and put up her own show. Alla and Rita are very welcoming as well. Thank you for the beautiful concert and all the students played amazingly.
Amanda Peterson
Amanda Peterson
06:19 06 Dec 22
Wonderful music school. My daughter enjoys attending her lessons and has progressed so much since we started. Alla is great with her and so patient. Will definitely be continuing in 2023!
11:27 11 Oct 22
Love this school. Great teachers, and the owners are amazing. Thank you for the chats before my lesson Rita… Harry is an incredible violinist, and an awesome teacher. Alla, keep doing what you’re doing I wish you all the success!
Alex V
Alex V
04:10 14 Sep 22
My children started music lessons with Alla’s Music Studio at the beginning of 2022. All my children enjoy their music lessons and love their teachers. The teachers are very professional and friendly. The admin team is always helpful with rescheduling or arranging all make up lessons if my children are sick. The director Alla is very friendly and constantly updates me on my children's progress and is always there to help if there are any issuesOverall - great service and awesome team!!!
My son has been attending guitar lessons at Alla's for over an year by now. Great teachers and wonderful staff.Thank you Zach and Andy for guiding my son through the beginner and intermediate levels.
Joanne Chuang
Joanne Chuang
23:57 05 Sep 21
My kids are learning the flute and cello at Alla. Lovely teachers. Alla and the receptionist are absolutely wonderful. Excellent follow up and class reminders and ever so prompt to answer my questions. Thank you!!
08:15 15 May 21
Alla and her team are amazing. The service and communication are always efficient, considerate, and more importantly, super friendly and warm. Highly recommend Alla Studio to all!!
09:45 29 Apr 21
Highly recommend Alla’s music studio for kids learning instrument, always feel welcome and professional to deal with. The violin teacher Alexandra is fantastic, patient and very talented. My kid is very excited to come every week to learn the violin.
Anshul Bhargava
Anshul Bhargava
08:13 25 Apr 21
Alla is very talented and experienced teacher. We saw our son’s inclination towards music and were able to expose him to music at Alla’s.She guided us on how to setup a routine for him and get the best out of him.
03:12 13 Apr 19
Very professional. Great communication between Alla, teachers and parents. Very happy we have found a music school where you know your children will learn from the best.
Tim Deller
Tim Deller
05:51 30 Oct 18
Wonderful teachers and welcoming school for all age groups and skill levels.
Warren Everitt
Warren Everitt
07:23 25 Oct 18
Have been taking my son to Alla's for piano lessons over the last 2 years. He has really progressed. Our teacher is extremely experienced and super friendly. Boris who manages everything out front is really helpful and extremely nice on all occasions. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for lessons for their kids.
Andrew Dobrowolski
Andrew Dobrowolski
07:23 27 Sep 18
Fantastic music school, the kids love having a concert at the end of each year to look forward to!
Denis Frolow
Denis Frolow
10:36 10 Jan 18
Very good music studio for kids and adults. Works 6 days a week. Experienced teachers and kind and friendly staff.
Oliver Menhennitt
Oliver Menhennitt
02:04 30 Nov 16
Amazing! The staff were fantastic, they held an amazing concert at the end of the year. Definitely recommend.
Rawin Takshak
Rawin Takshak
04:21 10 Apr 16
Plenty of options, highly experienced staff, conveniently located and run by someone who live and breathe music.
Sally Smith
Sally Smith
02:50 08 Jun 12
One of the parents asked me to wright a review about Alla’s Music Sudio, so here it is. I have 3 kids who are all into music. My daughter, the oldest, plays violin both the traditional and Suzuki method. My oldest son plays acoustic piano, keyboard and every other musical instrument which has keys on it, and my little son plays drums. Many years ago when my kids were just starting to take music lessons, finding a good music teacher for each instrument was not easy, and then driving the kids to different places for their music lessons was like having a full-time job. Fortunately, this has changed after we found Alla’s Music Studio. The studio provides musical education for all ages, all instruments and all methods. The teachers are all experienced musicians. I was able to book music lessons for my kids so that they all have it on the same day at the similar time. I leave my kids at the music school and then pick them up after the lesson; I have more free time now to do whatever I need. The school is in the short driving distance from Ormond, where we currently live. I’ve met some parents who are based in Balaclava, Malvern and Caulfield, and a happy to drive the kids which is still only 15 mins drive from where they are. If you are living in one of the below suburbs and looking for a music teacher for private or group lessons, I think that Alla’s music school would be one stop for all your child’s music education. Brighton, Highett, Murrumbeena, Clayton, Cheltenham, Hughesdale and Oakleigh. They also have a website with the pricing info, holiday program, etc..
Tanya Fel
Tanya Fel
04:48 10 Apr 12
Alla’s Music Studio was recommended to me by a friend. I was looking for a good and affordable piano teacher in Bentleigh, and when I met Alla I felt confident that my son will receive the music education on the professional level. We have been attending Alla’s Music Studio for about 4 months now and my son’s piano skills have certainly improved. I would recommend this service to any parent who is currently looking for a professional music school around Bentleigh area in Melbourne
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Music Instruments We Teach

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Music Theory

Our Amazing Music Teachers

A unique, Bespoke, tailored programme of tuition to help people of all ages and abilities to make progress, enriching lives through music, developing their confidence and improving musical skills


Our piano instructors are all skilled musicians with a deep commitment to their craft. Each one has their own narrative of piano mastery, and they are all more than happy to share it with their dedicated students.

Alla Guberman

Alla is the director and founder of Alla's Music Studio and has been playing and teaching the piano for over 25 years.

Alla started her professional music education in Russia and completed it in Australia, at Melbourne Monash University. Under the guidance of Tamara Smolyar (a continuer of a traditional Russian piano school) and the team of pianists - Max Cooke, Robert Chamberlain and Darryl Coote (continuers of a French piano school), Alla graduated with a Master in Music (piano performance) from Monash University.

Alla believes that one of the most important parts of her teaching is to explain to her students how to practice at home, between piano lessons in class. How to benefit the most from practice sessions. Alla sets up clear home tasks for the student in their music diary, and every lesson begins with checking those tasks. New steps can be taken once the previously assigned tasks have been completed and understood by the student.


  • Master of Music (Piano Performance) Monash University, Melbourne
  • Fully accredited member of AMTA

Michael Jiang

Michael is a piano teacher with over 13 years of classical piano experience, achieving his AmusA diploma at the age of 14 and achieving an AW award for his LMusA (licentiate) exam at the age of 16. From a very young age, he has attended and received many awards in numerous piano competitions and performed in various recitals and concerts.

He has also been a part of an Orchestra, and bands and is also quite experienced in chamber music. His biggest achievement apart from passing Lmus was his performance of Grieg Piano Concerto and being allowed to play Rhapsody in Blue with his school orchestra.

Throughout the years of his musical journey, he has obtained a broad range of musical knowledge and is very enthusiastic to share his experiences and teach others how engaging piano is.

Lydia Flowers

Lydia Flowers is a Piano & Ukulele Instructor. She has been playing the piano since she was 6 years old, was classically trained and obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Music from Victoria University. In 2019, she became a member of the Victorian Music Teachers' Association (VMTA). 

She had experience in classical piano, theory, bands/ensemble recitals, songwriting and playing-by-ear. Her teaching methods are age-relevant, engaging and in fun and supporting style. She also incorporates technology into her teaching - especially with sight-reading, learning the notes, and aural training. Lydia is passionate about working with students on their musical goals and helping them to achieve their fullest potential, in whatever shape or form that is for them.


  • Bachelor of Music Performance, Victoria University
  • Fully Accredited Member of VMTA

Samuel Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Performance) and Master’s degree in Creative Studies in JMC Academy Melbourne

Samuel studied classical music performance, majoring in piano during his initial years at STIKMI conservatory in Serpong, Indonesia. He then completed his Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Performance) and Master’s degree in Creative Studies in JMC Academy Melbourne, Australia.

As part of his learning endeavours, Samuel was taught by many distinguished pianists from all over the world, including Kuei Pin Yeo, Charlotte Panggabean, Marco Grieco, Kyunghee Yoon, Snezana Stankovic, and Giuseppe Andaloro. Additionally, Samuel has also spent one year studying Early Childhood Education at RMIT University.

As a pianist, Samuel has been performing both classical and contemporary music for seven years, and aside from performing and composing music, he is ready to impart what he has learned from his teachers to his students. To him, it is important that students improve not only their technical skills but also their musicality.

Agnes Widjaja

In 2021 during her last semester in university, Agnes re-entered the piano teaching world to explore her passion for music education after teaching for a year when she was 13 years old. By then, Agnes had been learning to play the piano for 9 years and she kept up her lessons right up until her college graduation at 18.

Agnes completed her Grade 8 Associated Board of Royal School of Music (ABRSM) practical piano exams at fifteen years old, after which she moved to Singapore from Indonesia on an international scholarship at an International Baccalaureate school to take Music (Higher Level) as one of her high school subjects. Before moving to Singapore, Agnes had participated in regional as well as national piano competitions.

Agnes delivers individualised teaching based on each student's learning style and capacity, with the aim of fostering long term enjoyment of the piano and music in general. It is when her students have been able to find this enjoyment that they have performed their best in examinations (whether it be with the ABRSM or the AMEB), competitions, and recitals.

Jack McNamara Bachelor of Applied Music Composition

Jack has been performing on since age 10 on Trumpet, and through the years picked up Piano, Double Bass and Bass Guitar. His main interests are Jazz, Classical and Electronic music.

Jack’s approach to teaching is entirely focused on helping students turn music into something that enriches their lives. He believes that music can bring such a great sense of fulfilment to a person; it can help you learn more about yourself and can allow you to develop genuine confidence.

Jack aims to create an inspiring, exciting environment in all his lessons, and his main goal in teaching is to use music as a vehicle to allow students to become the best version of themselves, not just in music but in every aspect of their lives. Jack teaches for AMEB exams and for leisure according to students’ needs.

Adelyne Koe

Adelyne has been exposed to classical music from a young age, starting piano lessons at the age of 5. Having been taught by multiple teachers, she is familiar with a number of classical music curricula, namely ABRSM and European (mainly Dutch-based) music curricula. She has participated in a number of performances and competitions since a young age. Her latest achievement is winning first place in the 3rd Bangkok International Piano Competition.

When it comes to learning and performing pieces, aside from expression and interpretation, she also stresses the importance of details in bringing out the “character” of a piece. She believes that every student has their own unique approach to music, and will guide them, applying these individualized approaches, to help them achieve their musical goals. Adelyne hopes to share her passion in music with students, just as her teacher did, re-igniting her love for the piano after a musical slump. 

Bill Xue

Bill is currently in his third year as a Bachelor of Music student. As a passionate and dedicated musician, Bill embarked on a musical journey at the tender age of four, raised in a household filled with classical melodies, received formal classical training throughout their formative years, honing their skills and mastering the intricacies of this timeless genre. During Bill’s high school years, he made the bold decision to broaden their musical horizons, ventured into the captivating realms of pop and jazz, instantly captivated by the freedom of expression these genres offered. This shift marked a significant turning point in their musical odyssey.

Bill is on a path to cultivate a comprehensive understanding of music, melding their classical foundation with contemporary styles. Their commitment to excellence in music education has made them a sought-after piano teacher, eager to share their wealth of knowledge and experience with aspiring musicians. In Bill’s piano lessons, students can expect a harmonious blend of classical foundations and contemporary flair, creating a dynamic and enriching learning experience. Whether you are a novice pianist or a seasoned musician seeking to expand your horizons, Bill is here to guide you on your musical journey, helping you unlock your full potential at the keys.

With a profound love for the piano and a commitment to nurturing talent, Bill is poised to inspire and shape the future of music, one note at a time.

Alex Medvid

Alex was born in a very musical city Odessa. He started to learn music at the age of 5, being inspired by his father, who was a talented musician and his first music teacher. Alex began learning Clarinet at the age of 9 in a special military music school in Moscow. He continued his music education at the Moscow Conservatory. Alex graduated from Moscow Conservatory as a woodwind (saxophone, clarinet and flute) teacher, performer and conductor of a symphony orchestra. His other major instrument at Moscow Conservatorium was the Piano.

His main goal is to make each lesson easy and fun for students while teaching them fundamental to expert music abilities, such as accurate instrument use with a relaxed posture, reading music notation, general knowledge, and aural skills.

Alex teaches for leisure as well as for AMEB exams if requested.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Music Moscow Conservatorium
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Diploma of Music MWT Institute Melbourne
  • Diploma of Music MWT Institute Melbourne

Brenny Dinh AMusA Diploma, Melbourne

Brenny first began his musical education, learning piano and cello at the age of 5. He was later awarded the Patrick Loftus Hills Music Scholarship at Xavier College, where he completed his AMusA Diploma on cello under the guidance of Rohan De Korte from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Throughout his musical journey, Brenny has had the opportunity to tour and perform in the Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival in Vienna in 2016 as the principal cellist. Brenny has experience performing a wide repertoire on the cello, ranging from the Renaissance period to the Contemporary Music Period. 

Brenny's teaching style is focused on building a musical foundation with students and fostering effective practice habits by incorporating self-discipline. Ultimately, Brenny aims to ensure enjoyable lessons and hopes students can utilise their new skills through performances and ensembles to make the most out of their musical experience.

Gabe Zafrin

Gabe is currently entering his third year at Monash University, studying for a degree in Music Performance (Popular Piano and Voice). Playing the piano since the age of four, Gabe has immersed himself in various styles of music, stemming from Classical, Jazz, Pop, RnB/Soul, Blues and Rock.

Whilst piano is a specialty of his, Gabe is also an experienced vocalist, having studied Popular Voice and Vocal Mechanics, before transitioning to his piano studies. However, you will often hear his voice emanating behind the keys of a piano!

What Gabe will offer as a Piano/Vocal teacher:

  • Improvisation (implementing relevant scales and chords to match the appropriate key)
  • Textual understanding (dynamic control, rhythmic variation, tension and release)
  • Learning by ear (linking theory to make intuitive learning easier)
  • Notes and chart reading (understanding key, form and rhythm)
  • Hand techniques, fingering, and right-hand/left-hand coordination
  • Singing and playing the piano simultaneously
  • Practice routines
  • Performance practice! Aspects of performance include stage presence, storytelling and entertainment.

Vitus Lai Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, ATCL (piano)

Growing up learning both the piano and violin, Vitus is a classical piano and violin teacher at the studio. Prior to his studying at The University of Melbourne (Melbourne Conservatorium of Music), he has obtained LTCL in violin and ATCL in piano in his teens.

Vitus began to teach the violin starting in 2018. He has different levels of students from beginners to advance level players and he knows a great variety of repertoire from 16th-century music to 20th-century music. He believed the purpose of learning instruments isn’t just attending different examinations and competitions, learning different kinds of techniques, but learning the entire stories behind the music and knowing how to express yourself through music.

Vitus puts a heavy emphasis on the structure of his students’ learning progress, as well as the fundamentals. He is currently teaching beginners to intermediate-level students and is looking forward to having you join one of his interactive lessons.

Karine Malyan

Karine is an experienced piano teacher with 20 + years of experience teaching piano to students of all ages.

She has exceptional knowledge of piano and electronic keyboard.

During her long and productive career, she has developed an outstanding ability to prepare and instruct students with structured lessons to assist with the preparation of exams.

Her excellent communication skills help her work efficiently with beginners and advanced-level students and create a trusted, productive learning environment.

Her individualized teaching style generally guarantees students' enjoyment of piano and music and focuses on proper practicing techniques.

Karine has more than 15 years of experience in kindergarten as a music educator, which gave her unique working experience with children of that age, opening the doors to the psychology of kids of early ages and immense love toward them.

Kyoko Suda Piano Performance Diploma from Trinity College, London

Kyoko is a dedicated educator with over 8 years of experience in teaching piano.

A holder of a Piano Performance Diploma from Trinity College, London, Kyoko brings a blend of Classical training and Contemporary teaching methods to her lessons. Her students range from young children to adults (from beginners to advanced levels).

Kyoko finds a special resonance with Classical pieces, drawing inspiration particularly from composers like Schubert and Grieg.

Besides teaching piano Kyoko also have served as a piano accompanist for various settings including school choirs and instrumentalists. Kyoko have supported violinists, flutists, and high school students in grade exams from Grade 1 through Grade 8, as well as during university entry exams.

Kyoko has a passion for teaching and a deep love for music. She would love to share the beauty of the musical world with her students.


Alla and the team at Alla's Music Studio have provided leading musical education for beginners and professionals for years. We're passionate about what we do, putting our all into helping you achieve your goals for musical learning. If you're looking for piano lessons in Melbourne, talk to our team today for more information or enquire online for a trial lesson. Book two lessons in the same week, and you'll get a discount on your second lesson!

Piano Lessons FAQ

Is piano Easy to learn?

Learning to play the piano is challenging and gratifying in equal measure because not only do you need to be able to read music and apply it to the keys, but you also need to be able to play at the same time. You'll need to pick up on proper technique or risk injury down the road.

How long does it usually take to learn piano?

Ten to fifteen years of intensive study with a master teacher and countless hours of daily practice are required to reach a professional level in classical music performance. Those who desire to learn piano for their own pleasure can usually do so in three to five years.

How many hours a day should I play the piano?

If you want to improve your piano playing, your teacher probably suggests you spend 30 minutes to four hours per day practising. You can help achieve this goal by planning out specific times and durations of play. Some days you may be able to devote more time than others.

Can I teach myself piano?

So, let's get to the crux of the matter: is it possible to teach yourself piano? Sure, go ahead. The only catch is that most people will dabble in self-teaching every once in a while and, unless they are exceptionally motivated and dedicated, will never fully develop or finish any piece of music.

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