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Alla's Music Studio offers piano lessons for all ages, from beginner all the way to professional levels. Whether you're looking to take to the world stage in a band or orchestra, or just hoping to play your favourite songs at home, our teachers will work with you to help you achieve your goals. We aim to foster a love and passion for music in all of our students, providing you with the support and guidance you need to succeed. We're one of the leading providers of piano lessons in Melbourne.
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Why Should You Learn Piano?

The piano is often regarded as one of the fundamental musical instruments. With each musical note laid out in a row, it's the perfect way to put music theory into practice and visualise the way music works. While it can take a while to become truly comfortable with the piano, the work is worth it as it opens up a whole new world of music. We offer lessons for a wide range of styles, including Classical piano, Modern, Jazz, Blues, Rock and more. Through your lessons with us, you'll learn melody, harmony, rhythm, and practical music theory, and develop skills like hand-eye coordination, how to read sheet music, improvisation, and more.

  • Relieves stress
  • Enhances split concentration (through use of both hands + feet)
  • Stimulates the brain, improving neural connections
  • Strengthens hand muscles
  • Improves language skills
  • Improves vocabulary and other classroom skills
  • Stimulates growth hormones to aid development
  • Helps in receiving criticism more easily
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Tailored Piano Lessons In Melbourne

While our lessons are based on a set curriculum, following one of four main streams of musical education, we tailor all our lessons to match the student. Everyone learns music differently. For some, it's mechanical learning, precise and organised, while others learn through experimentation and emotion. We aim to work out what works best for each student and provide them with lessons that will help them achieve their goals in a way that works for them. The teacher you choose can have a large impact on your learning as well.
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Keyboard Purchase and Hire

If you don't have a piano, we offer keyboard hire and purchase through our music studio. We have a range of piano keyboards available that can be brought home to practice with if you're not ready to commit to buying a full piano.
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Our Piano Teachers

alla guberman

Alla Guberman

Master of Music ( Piano performance) Monash University, Melbourne
Fully accredited member of AMTA

Alla is the director and founder of Alla's Music Studio has been playing and teaching the piano for over 25 years.

Alla started her professional music education in Russia and completed in Australia, at Melbourne Monash University. Under the guidance of Tamara Smolyar (a continuer of traditional Russian piano school) and the team of pianists - Max Cooke, Robert Chamberlain and Darryl Coote (continuers of French piano school), Alla graduated with a Masters in Music (piano performance) from Monash University.

She was awarded a High Distinction for Piano Performance as part of her Master's degree (click to listen Alla's performances).

Alla enjoys teaching piano to children from the ages of 2.5 years old, as well as primary, secondary and tertiary students and adults. She starts with student from 2.5 years old and leads them to the highest grades of AMEB or ABRSM.

Alla believes that one of the most important parts of her teaching is to explain to her students how to practice at home, between piano lessons in class. How to benefit the most from practice sessions. Alla sets up clear home tasks for the student in their music diary and every lesson begins from checking those tasks. New steps can be taken once the previous assigned tasks have been completed and understood by the student.

Alla's education in Preschool programs.

Alla completed Preschool music education and attained her License for teaching Kinder Beat level 1,2,3 and Encore on Keys music programs in 2014 with Encore Music Education team, creators of the program Mark Gibson and Morna Robinson.

ana maria

Ana Maria Rojas Leal

Master in Music, University of The Andes

Ana Maria began her piano studies at the age of four.
During her undergraduate studies, at the University of Andes she has developed her piano performance as well as piano accompanist skills.

Ana Maria participated in different musical ensembles performing as a soloist or accompanying violin or guitar.

Being able to teach piano and theory at the advanced levels, she enables learning of music to be an enjoyable experience for students of all ages and adjusts towards her students' individual needs according to their musical strengths and weaknesses including technique, scales, musicality, rhythm, sight reading, ear training and theory.

She has a strong focus in enabling students to be able to read music in both treble and bass clef, understand fingering, the passing of fingers and hand positions, believing that an understanding of musical terms can be instilled in the early stages of piano playing. Patience and encouragement are her best qualities as a teacher.

If grade exams are the main goal for the individual, Ana Maria is comfortable to teach AMEB, ABRSM and the other syllabuses.

zac lazarevsky

Zachary Lazarevski ( teaches online only )

Zachary is currently studying jazz, majoring in vocal performance at Monash University. He previously studied piano performance at The University of Melbourne at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music (2012). He also has a TAFE diploma in popular music performance (2008).
Zachary is the pianist & singer at Christ Church St Kilda. He previously performed regularly as pianist & singer on the Bourke Street Mall, where only the most experienced and professional buskers may perform.
Zachary teaches many styles of piano,
here are some videos of Zachary performing at the piano:

  1. Beethoven (1): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1movgEt4Pg8
  2. Beethoven (2): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pLZZis8KWA
  3. Chopin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2G27dikoHs
  4. Debussy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yONnGUPI_0o
  5. J.S. Bach: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-MMS2BqOA8

Zachary's specialization and biggest passion is popular music, jazz, R&B, and gospel music.
Here he plays & sings a jazz standard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0t3Hf5pVxV4 Here he plays and sings a gospel song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_jZS4PYX-g Zachary is passionate about researching the best methods of music education. His innovative keyboard teaching method emphasizes the importance of learning by ear and improvisation. He follows a whole-parts-whole approach where the student chooses their personal favorite songs then they follow this process:

  • Whole: Zac teaches the whole song, by rote and by ear.
  • Parts: They analyze the song, identify all the parts - the rhythm patterns, tonal patterns, and chord progressions.
  • Whole: They master the parts by improvising with them and creating new songs & compositions. This is the new whole.

There are many benefits to this - students tend to enjoy the lessons much more. Scales, chords, and music theory becomes interesting & makes more sense, because it is directly related to the songs. The student develops a feeling of ownership and pride in the music they create. Through learning by ear, improvising and composing, students learn in a similar way to Mozart, Beethoven, J.S. Bach, Du

Ellington, Stevie Wonder and Elton John. All these great musicians were composers or songwriters who played piano. Zachary is also a highly experienced vocal coach and can teach singing & piano together.

So, if you'd love to focus on pop music, R&B, or jazz & be able to listen and learn your favorite songs by ear & easily improvise and compose new music, Zachary is the perfect teacher for you.

With Zachary you will begin a music journey lesson full of fun and creativity no matter if you are learning for leisure or for AMEB exams.

Nina Li

Bachelor of Music (Music Performance and Film) Melbourne Conservatorium of Music

Nina is a classical piano teacher who teaches from beginner to advanced level. She graduated from The University of Melbourne (Melbourne Conservatorium of Music) with a Bachelor of Music degree (Music Performance and Film Music) in 2021 and is currently doing Master of Secondary Teaching in the same institution.

Her teaching method is heavily influenced by Suzuki Music, John Thompson, Hanon piano and Alfred Music. She deeply focuses on rhythm and finger techniques (positions and articulations) for beginners and strong techniques for the advanced piano learners. With competition, orchestral, big band and choir experience, she understands learners psychological behaviours.

Nina would love to explore students' interests and the learning pathway they want to take in order to help them better. She has been teaching students piano, voice and music theory since 2018.

She teaches AMEB exam as well as leisure. She is well familiar with the ABRSM curriculum too as she grew up doing piano exams from ABRSM in both piano performance and music theory. (Grade 6 theory and Diploma in Piano).

Lucinda Edwards

Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Performance), Certificate of Singing AMEB

Lucinda Edwards moved from South Australia to Melbourne to study a Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Performance) at JMC Academy in 2018. Lucinda has also obtained her Certificate of Singing with the AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board), finishing with an A+ result in 2017.

During her degree, Lucinda completed courses on music theory, music business and music production as well as Ear Training and Songwriting. Lucinda started Voice and Piano lessons at the age of 9 years old. She has been involved in many choirs, bands, ensembles, A Capella groups and Musicals with her biggest role being 'Elle Woods' in Legally Blonde the Musical.

She is knowledgeable in many contemporary styles of singing with a passion for Musical Theatre and Acting/Drama as well. She can assist any students interested in Acting and Musical Theatre style singing, including preparing for theatre auditions. She is also a songwriter and can assist with lyrics and structure for students interested in writing songs or breaking down a song to understand the writer's intentions.

Lucinda works with students to perform pieces and songs that progress learning but most importantly pieces that the student enjoys. She believes that everyone should have access to music education as music is a universal language that brings people together.

Lucinda is passionate about working with the student to determine how they learn best and what they hope to achieve from the lessons. For voice, she focuses on ensuring the student has good vocal technique in order to ensure vocal health, as well as analyzing the song to portray the themes of the writer and express this using tone and different voice qualities. She believes it is important for students to learn music theory as they progress at their individual pace.

Lucinda is a friendly and encouraging teacher, who enjoys teaching and seeing students develop a love for music.

Michael Jiang

Michael is a piano teacher with over 13 years of classical piano experience, achieving his AmusA diploma at the age of 14 and achieving an AW award for his LMusA (licentiate) exam at the age of 16. From a very young age, he has attended and received many awards in numerous piano competitions and performed in a variety of recitals and concerts. He has also been a part of Orchestra's, bands and is also quite experienced in chamber music. His biggest achievement apart from passing Lmus was his performance of Grieg Piano Concerto as well as being allowed to play Rhapsody in Blue with his school orchestra.

Throughout the years of his musical journey, he has obtained a broad range of musical knowledge and is very enthusiastic to share his experiences and teach others how engaging piano is.

Michael's teaching style is very adaptive and responsive to the students' needs and play style, bringing a strong focus towards educative learning, musical growth, and most importantly enjoyability. He believes that everyone is capable of learning music and it has many benefits to people's wellbeing and intellect, and to be immersed in music will only bring amusement and joy.

Whether it be improving sight-reading, musical theory, aural training, or playing the piano as a whole, throughout your time with Michael, you will experience how entertaining playing the piano is as well as developing your musical knowledge, skills, and style at your own pace.

Robyn Cole


- Bachelor Degree in Performing Arts University of Tasmania

Robyn grew up on the north west coast of Tasmania and her indoctrination into the wonderful world of music commenced at a very young age. As well as learning piano she also played in the local brass band under the watchful eye of her ever present and encouraging father. Said parent also contributed to her ability to sight read music through his many musical endeavours outside of the band, including but not limited to weekly playing for old time dances at a local hall.

Post Uni (where she obtained a Bachelor degree in performing arts) she began teaching piano and voice at local schools and colleges and has not stopped since. She also has been prolific in accompanying musical theatre productions since the age of 16, and has been vocal director and musical director for shows such as Jesus Christ Superstar, Spamalot, 13 the musical, Camp Rock and The Addams Family.

She has performed professionally for the Australian premiere of "Memphis" and also as repetiteur for the independent companies James Terry Collective and Pursued by Bear.

Robyn is comfortable teaching all styles of music, from beginner to advanced students. She prides herself on her warm and welcoming manner and strives to make each lesson as enjoyable as possible.

alex allas

Alex Medvid


- Bachelor Degree in Music Moscow Conservatorium

- Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Diploma of Music MWT Institute Melbourne

- Diploma of Music MWT Institute Melbourne

Alex was born in a very musical city Odessa. He started to learn music at the age of 5 being inspired by his father who was a talented musician and his first music teacher.

Alex began learning Clarinet at the age of 9 in a special military music school in Moscow. He continued his music education at the Moscow Conservatory.

Alex graduated from Moscow Conservatory as a woodwind (saxophone, clarinet and flute) teacher, performer and a Conductor of symphony orchestra. His other major instrument at Moscow Conservatorium was Piano.

Alex's working experience includes Conducting of symphony Orchestra, Performing with Band at different parts of the world, teaching privately woodwind and piano students for over 20 years.

Alex's passion is pop, jazz, rock, blues as well as classical music.

Alex enjoys teaching students of all ages.

His main aim is to make each lesson comfortable and fun for the students and at the same time to teach students from basic to advanced music skills such as correct use of a chosen instrument in conjunction with keeping posture naturally relaxed during playing, reading music notation, general knowledges and aural skills.

Alex teaches for leisure as well as for AMEB exams if requested.

Lydia Flowers


- Bachelor of Music Performance, Victoria University

- Fully Accredited Member of VMTA

Lydia Flowers is a Piano & Ukulele Instructor. She has been playing the piano since she was 6 years old, was classically trained and obtained a Bachelor's Degree of Music from Victoria University.

In 2019, she became a member of the Victorian Music Teachers' Association (VMTA).

She had experienced in classical piano, theory, bands/ensemble recitals, song-writing and playing-by-ear. Which means she not only teaches classical piano but can also teach students contemporary styles, beginners to advanced, tailored to their personal interests. Although, piano is her 'forte' she can teach basic ukulele skills. This includes learning how to read Tab, strumming patterns and playing simple chord progressions - just to name a few.

Her teaching methods are age-relevant, engaging and in a fun and supporting style. She also incorporates technology into her teaching - especially with sight-reading, learning the notes, and aural training. Lydia is passionate about working with students on their musical goals, and helping them to achieve to their fullest potential, in whatever shape or form that is for them.

Liam O'Neill

Bachelor in Music Performance (jazz) University of South Australia

The piano is an unbelievably important asset in any musician's arsenal. Liam is a predominantly self-taught jazz pianist with classical training, having a Bachelor in Music Performance (Jazz). He teaches beginner-intermediate level classical as well as beginner-advanced jazz and all styles in between. He has learnt from some of the greatest pianists in Australia: Grant Windsor, Mat Jodrell, James Morrison, and Tony Gould. Lessons with Liam entail an emphasis on the foundations of technique and an understanding of the inner workings of the music. This means all students will not only garner the ability to play the music they love with great technique, but also understand how it was made if they so desire. This is unbelievably valuable who students who also wish to pursue writing music of their own. Liam's priority is to garner serious exponential improvement alongside the inherently pure joy that music brings to all of us in a low-pressure, understanding environment.

Why Choose Alla's Music Studio?

Alla and the team at Alla's Music Studio have been providing leading musical education for beginners and professionals for years. We're passionate about what we do, putting our all into helping you achieve your goals for musical learning. If you're looking for piano lessons in Melbourne, talk to our team today for more information or enquire online for a trial lesson.
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  • We offer face to face and online individual and group lessons.

  • We provide preparation for AMEB, ABRSM, VCE and other examinations.

  • We organize student's performances several times a year.

  • We can book music lessons for all of your children at the same day and time.

  • We can sell and hire music instruments and books for you from our studio.

  • Discounts are available for families with multiple children enrolled, as well as for multiple lessons booked in a week.

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