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Online Lessons of Alla's Music Studio

Alla's Music Studio is offering online lessons with qualified and experienced teachers. Our teachers are using Zoom platform.

  • Convenience - you do not need to travel anywhere which saves you money and time
  • Parents can plan their children's music lesson around other activities
  • Online tutoring can be really fun and effective when done right

To see our teachers and our classes, please click link

Online music lessons provide the same quality as face to face lessons

  • When the teacher is arranged, you will be guided on the proper software and tools
  • Your teacher will help you know exactly how to get the maximum benefit out of online music lessons
  • For an effective online music lesson, students need a clear and comfortable work space at home
  • The equipment to have at home for students are: music stand (for violin, cello, woodwinds, brass students), music stand and foot stand (for guitar students), adjustable stool (for piano, keyboard students)

What the teacher and student need for a successful online music class

  1. Be organized and prepared to your scheduled online music lesson
  2. Ensure technical challenges do not interfere with learning
  3. Both the teacher and student should have a Music diary in where they will write the homework tasks
  4. Homework instructions has to be concise and clear
  5. Both the teacher and student have to have the same music scores. Every bar in the student's and teacher's music scores have to be numbered and correspond to each other.
  6. For students aged 3-6 years old, online music lessons should be supervised by parents. Any props, colourful pencils and stickers have to be prepared beforehand.
  7. We have found that the online music lessons can increase students' focus on their established homework tasks.
  8. The students who write down their teacher's instruction in their musical diary by themselves more often, better understand and remember what they need to do with their homework and how they can achieve the established goal. As a result, the student can achieve a maximum benefit from a shorter practice time.

Enjoy our online music lessons!

Tuition Fees

Individual lessons: Beginner level to level 8 AMEB in pack of 10 lessons.
Pack of 5 lessons incur an extra $3 per lesson.
  • 20 mins: $25.00
  • 30 mins: $35.00
  • 45 mins: $55.00
  • 60 mins: $70.00
Certificate of Performance, Associate & Licentiate level:
  • 60 mins: $80.00
Group Instrumental Lessons and Vocal Ensemble in pack of 10 lessons: $20.00 per student.
Pack of 5 lessons incur an extra $3 per lesson.
  • 30 mins: Group of 2-3
  • 45 mins: Group of 4
  • 60 mins: Group of 5+
Pre-School Program, Kinder Beat / Encore on Keys in pack of 10 lessons: $20.00 per student.
Pack of 5 lessons incur an extra $3 per lesson.
  • 30 mins: Group of 2 or 3
  • 40 mins: Group from 4
  • An enrolment fee of $35 per family (incl. GST) must be paid only once when enrolling for lessons.
  • All prices printed above are inclusive of GST charges.
  • Clients are required to provide full payment of fees for pack of lessons before a permanent class position will be allocated. Please contact administration on 9942 4066 if you wish to make other arrangements.

Terms and conditions

1. Payment of Fees

Clients are required to provide full payment of fees for Pack of 10 lessons before a permanent class position will be allocated. One time enrolment fee of $35 per family must be paid with lodgement of the enrolment form(s).

Alla's Music Studio will not provide a refund on cancellation of lessons; however, the paid lessons are redeemable for any family member or friend within the year.

2. Make Up Lessons

In order to maintain the highest quality of music lessons for all students, Alla’s Music Studio will make every effort to re-schedule lesson(s) when required. Prior notice of at least 24 hours must be provided of an absence to qualify for re-scheduling of a lesson*. With a late notification of absence, the lesson can be re-scheduled given that a valid medical certificate is provided. Only two, make-up classes for missed lessons can be entered into the system at any given time. Any additional missed lessons (given 2 outstanding missing lessons) within pack of 10 lessons will not be redeemable. Make-up lessons are not transferable from year to year and credits for further missed lessons are not available. Missed lessons with prior 24 hours' notice must be made up. Credit for missed lessons with prior 24 hours' notice will be given in the next pack in case when makeup lessons cannot be accommodated only. No more than 2 lessons can be credited for pack of 10 lessons. This applies to all classes throughout the year, including during school breaks.

If a make-up lesson is arranged and a new enrolment is booked on the same slot later, then priority will be given to the new enrolment and the current student will be offered another timeslot for the make-up lesson.

If the lesson is cancelled due to a teacher absence the students will be notified by SMS, e-mail or phone. In this case, a make-up lesson will be arranged either with the original teacher or a different teacher. This is subject to negotiation.

If a replacement teacher is available, the lessons will continue as scheduled and we will notify you by email. The replacement teacher will be up-to-date with all the material that was given to the student by his/her original teacher.

Where several lessons in a row are missed due to serious medical conditions, a credit toward lessons to be taken next pack of lessons may be granted. A valid medical certificate must be provided. All such credits must be used in full during the next pack of lessons and cannot be redeemed for cash. In regard to make-up lessons, a refund of fees is not available under any circumstances.

*This make-up lesson policy only applies to individual instrumental classes, group instrumental classes which consist of student's from the same family and morning group classes for pre-school aged children. We do not provide make-up lessons to group instrumental classes with children from different families.

3. Replacement Teacher

If your teacher, for any reason, abruptly discontinues his/her teaching at Alla’s Music Studio during the school year, we will make every effort to organise a replacement teacher to take over the classes for the remainder of the year.

4. Late Start

When a lesson is started late due to a student's late arrival, the lesson will be completed on time and no make-up time will be offered. When a lesson is started late due to a teacher's late arrival, the lesson will be completed on time and a make-up lesson for the time that was missed will be offered.

5. Trial Lessons

Alla’s Music Studio offers all new enrolments, who are interested in taking individual music classes, a trial lesson. The trial lesson is a single, non-lock in music class and must be paid on the day of the arranged lesson.

The charges of the trial lesson are that of the official prices for music classes at Alla's Music Studio (as advertised on our website and brochures). No trial lesson is provided for instrumental group classes with children from different families.

If you decide to further pursue music classes after the trial lesson, we will invoice you accordingly. If, however, you decide against attending any classes, then there will be no further charges.

6. Long Leave

If you will be going on a long leave (more than 2 weeks e.g.: holidays or business trips) during the year, the timetable slot for your lesson will not be retained for you.

7. Feedback (Compliments, Suggestions, Complaints)

All Staff and Teachers at Alla's Music Studio aim and wish to provide you and your children the best possible service. We take any complaints about our services very seriously and will implement the proper measures to resolve any issues that have arisen in a reasonable time frame. Any compliments or suggestions will always help us improve the quality of our services. If you are, at any time, unsatisfied with any part(s) of our services that we provide, please contact Alla (Director of Alla’s Music Studio) to further discuss the matter.

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