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Alla's Music Studio Curriculum


Alla's Music Studio is a music school committed to assisting their students to achieve the highest level of musical competency possible within their chosen learning pathway.

In order to understand the curriculum offered at Alla's we must first comprehend the four main streams of musical education on offer.

  1. Classical grading through A.M.E.B. Graded examinations.
  2. Leisure grading through A.M.E.B. Graded examinations.
  3. Preparation/Maintenance for Professional career.
  4. Leisure only music student with no view to a Professional career.

These four main streams delineate the contents, methods of delivery and assessment required for each specific student's needs. Click on the four links above to see short description of the recommended standard curriculum for each stream.

Beyond that are basic lesson plans, which outline a single lesson, a full term and a years worth of tuition, illustrating the framework implemented by Alla's school of music for each stream.

It must be noted at this point that Alla's school of music does not give preferential treatment to any type of student and/or stream of music, rather gives the best possible tuition for all streams of music and every individual student.

It must also be taken into account that students will have their own curiosities and discoveries in the realm of musical academia and this must always be given it's due course. Tutors are encouraged to solve any musical problems the students present them with and take a keen interest in any ideas or queries their students may have in regards to music theory or performance. It is appreciated that sometimes a student can teach a tutor a thing or two with a simple question or innovative method of thinking.

This concludes our curriculum document however if you have any suggestions or inquiries please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Thank you for your time and interest.

Music Instruments We Work With

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Double Bass

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Bass guitar

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Music Theory

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