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Music composition & Music theory lessons at Alla's Music Studio

Our Music Composition Teachers

Music composition - Professional and distinguished teachers.
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jack mcnamara
Jack McNamara
Bachelor of Applied Music Composition Jack McNamara, a music teacher with a Bachelor's in Music, excels in Trumpet, Piano, Double Bass, and Bass Guitar. His approach is to enrich students' lives through music, aiming to create an inspiring environment. Jack's main goal is to help students become their best selves, teaching for AMEB exams and leisure.

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Jack McNamara is a teacher who has obtained his Bachelor in Music from Box Hill Institute.

Jack have been performing since age 10 on Trumpet, and through the years picked up Piano, Double Bass and Bass Guitar. His main interests are in Jazz, Classical and Electronic music.

Jack’s approach to teaching is entirely focused on helping students turn music into something that enriches their lives. He believes that music can bring such a great sense of fulfilment to a person, it can help you learn more about yourself and can allow you to develop genuine confidence.

Jack aims to create an inspiring, exciting environment in all his lessons.

Jack’s main goal in teaching is to use music as a vehicle to allow students to become the best version of themselves, not just in music but in every aspect of their lives.

Jack teaches for AMEB exams and for leisure according to students’ needs.

What we can do for you and your kids!

  • Significantly improved sense of rhythm.

  • We provide preparation for AMEB, ABRSM, VCE and other examinations.

  • We organize student's performances several times a year.

  • We can book music lessons for all of your children at the same day and time. All lessons take place at our studio.

  • We can sell and hire music instruments and books for you from our studio.

  • Discounts are available for families with multiple children enrolled, as well as for multiple lessons booked in a week.

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Music Theory Lessons at Alla's Music Studio

At Alla's Music Studio we teach theory of music. All of our teachers are capable of teaching music theory to children and adults from the beginner to advanced levels.

Subjects include:

  • Musicology,
  • Harmony and Counterpoint,
  • Orchestration and Arrangement.
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Students will learn:

  • speed,
  • modification of speed,
  • intensity of sound,
  • pitch and tonality,
  • transposition,
  • history of music and
  • other important aspects of music theory.
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Private Music Lessons

We offer individual music lessons of 30, 45 or 60 mins for Piano, Violin, Guitar, Voice and other musical instruments

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Student Concerts

We run student concerts in Melbourne's Kingston Town Hall

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Qualified and Experienced Music Teachers

Alla's Music Studio is filled with friendly and talented teachers who share their love for music with students
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Our Music Studio

Alla's Music Studio is a music school committed to helping students achieve the highest level of musical competency possible within their chosen learning pathway.

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alla's music studio kinder beat3 workshop
alla's music studio kinder beat workshop

Kinder Beat workshop with creators of the program Mark and Morna

Our Curriculum

Alla's Music Studio is a music school committed to helping students achieve the highest level of musical competency possible within their chosen learning pathway. In order to understand the curriculum offered at our studio, it is important to first understand the four main streams of musical education on offer. To read more about our curriculum click here.

Music Instruments We Teach

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Double Bass

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Bass guitar

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Music Theory

Our Amazing Music Teachers

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