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Kinder Beat Program

Kinder Beat is an outstanding introduction to music for children aged 2 - 4 years. This award winning program features activities that children of the 21st century need for brain development and acceleration.

The vibrant and contemporary flair of Kinder Beat engages children on a number of levels. It lays the foundation for a positive relationship with music that students will enjoy throughout their lives. You simply will not find a better approach to early childhood music! View flyer here

There are 3 levels:

  • Level 1:

    Focuses on rhythm, beat, iconic reading, phrasing, tuned and un-tuned percussion playing.

  • Level 2:

    Develops percussion playing skills to a higher level to include glissandi on xylophones plus ensembles combining tuned and un-tuned percussion.

  • Level 3:

    Kinder Beat Piano, introduces piano playing, keyboard games and improvisation activities not seen before in other methods or approaches.

All three levels make extensive use of props that facilitate feeling beat, pulse, phrasing and specific rhythmic patterns. Flash cards and worksheets are used to reinforce reading skills.

What Your Child Learns:

  • Basics of music theory through the activities such as stories, games, repetitions, using body props and percussion props, flash cards, listening CD, playing piano along with the CD.
  • Using "Mouse House" finger position or fists while playing on the piano with the aim to teach kids to keep their fingers round and together, not to spread it out.

Focus Activities:

  • Musical: games and improvisation
  • Singing songs, rhymes and solfa/solfeggio
  • Movement, dance and gesture
  • Rhythm, beat and metre
  • Percussion playing
  • Listening, reflecting and responding
  • Story-telling and mime
  • Reading(iconic and traditional)
  • Keyboards games (level 3)
  • Ensemble playing
  • Coordinating with streamers, rainbow ring and parachute

About Creators of Kinder Beat Program

Kinder Beat is an early childhood music program developed by mark Gibson and Morna Robinson. Their collective teaching experience in this area is extensive and their professional partnership encompasses 30 years of teaching and collaboration. They have been researching and designing early childhood music resources since the early 1990's and Kinder Beat has developed through several pilot and draft editions. The current edition was lauinched in 2007 and is now enjoying great success throughout Australia and South East asia.

"Best Australian Made"

This program won the Australian Music Association "Best Australian Made" award for print music or music software in 2010.

The award was based on the:

  • High production qualities of the Books, CDs, Flash Cards and Kinder Beat toys
  • Educational effectiveness of the content, including the comprehensive Teacher Guides
  • Success in marketing these new materials to teachers and parents in a number of countries including Australia

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Alla Guberman

Master of Music ( Piano performance) Monash University, Melbourne
Fully accredited member of AMTA

Alla is the director and founder of Alla's Music Studio has been playing and teaching the piano for over 25 years.

Alla started her professional music education in Russia and completed in Australia, at Melbourne Monash University. Under the guidance of Tamara Smolyar (a continuer of traditional Russian piano school) and the team of pianists - Max Cooke, Robert Chamberlain and Darryl Coote (continuers of French piano school), Alla graduated with a Masters in Music (piano performance) from Monash University.

She was awarded a High Distinction for Piano Performance as part of her Master's degree (click to listen Alla's performances).

Alla enjoys teaching piano to children from the ages of 2.5 years old, as well as primary, secondary and tertiary students and adults. She starts with student from 2.5 years old and leads them to the highest grades of AMEB or ABRSM.

Alla believes that one of the most important parts of her teaching is to explain to her students how to practice at home, between piano lessons in class. How to benefit the most from practice sessions. Alla sets up clear home tasks for the student in their music diary and every lesson begins from checking those tasks. New steps can be taken once the previous assigned tasks have been completed and understood by the student.

Alla's education in Preschool programs.

Alla completed Preschool music education and attained her License for teaching Kinder Beat level 1,2,3 and Encore on Keys music programs in 2014 with Encore Music Education team, creators of the program Mark Gibson and Morna Robinson.

Samuel Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Performance) and Master’s degree in Creative Studies in JMC Academy Melbourne

Samuel studied classical music performance, majoring in piano during his initial years at STIKMI conservatory in Serpong, Indonesia. He then completed his Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Performance) and Master’s degree in Creative Studies in JMC Academy Melbourne, Australia.

As part of his learning endeavours, Samuel was taught by many distinguished pianists from all over the world, including Kuei Pin Yeo, Charlotte Panggabean, Marco Grieco, Kyunghee Yoon, Snezana Stankovic, and Giuseppe Andaloro. Additionally, Samuel has also spent one year studying Early Childhood Education at RMIT University.

As a pianist, Samuel has been performing both classical and contemporary music for seven years, and aside from performing and composing music, he is ready to impart what he has learned from his teachers to his students. To him, it is important that students improve not only their technical skills but also their musicality.

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Agnes Widjaja

In 2021 during her last semester in university, Agnes re-entered the piano teaching world to explore her passion for music education after teaching for a year when she was 13 years old. By then, Agnes had been learning to play the piano for 9 years and she kept up her lessons right up until her college graduation at 18.

Agnes completed her Grade 8 Associated Board of Royal School of Music (ABRSM) practical piano exams at fifteen years old, after which she moved to Singapore from Indonesia on an international scholarship at an International Baccalaureate school to take Music (Higher Level) as one of her high school subjects. Before moving to Singapore, Agnes had participated in regional as well as national piano competitions.

Agnes delivers individualised teaching based on each student's learning style and capacity, with the aim of fostering long term enjoyment of the piano and music in general. It is when her students have been able to find this enjoyment that they have performed their best in examinations (whether it be with the ABRSM or the AMEB), competitions, and recitals.

Kinder Beat Photos

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