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With lessons ranging from complete beginner to professional, Alla's Music Studio can give you the musical education you need to reach your guitar playing goals. We offer lessons for a wide range of styles, including Classical, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Rock and more. Learn one on one with one of our talented teachers, or choose group classes and learn with like-minded people in an open and low-pressure environment. Whatever you're hoping to achieve, Alla's Music Studio can help you get there.
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The Guitar is an amazing instrument dating back to its development and invention around the 15th Century. It is an extremely versatile instrument and allows musicians to play styles from Classical to Jazz to Rock to Blues and more!! The benefits of playing the Guitar/Bass include assisting in developing emotion/patience/expression, motor skills, dexterity and memory while being fun and enjoyable.

If you're looking to learn an instrument, guitar is a fantastic place to start. With its intuitive design and long history, you can pick it up and start learning almost immediately. With a wide range of styles to choose from and the versatility of choosing electric, acoustic, or bass guitar, you're free to learn a style that resonates with you. In as little as one lesson you can start playing songs from your favourite bands. Our guitar lessons will help you learn the correct way to play, basic and advanced music theory, fingerpicking and advanced skills, and more. Here are some more reasons to learn guitar:

  • Develop coordination and finger dexterity
  • Improved mental acuity and focus
  • Benefits to timing and improved time management
  • Stress relief and reduction in anxiety
  • Exposure to a wide variety of music types
  • Improvements in confidence and self-esteem
  • You look really cool!

The Acoustic/Classical Styled Guitar is a great choice:

  • The instrument is very easy to manage as it comes in various sizes
  • Easy to Store and Carry - Take it anywhere. Play outside on a sunny day
  • Using a clip on tuner allows the instrument to always be in tune
  • No need to purchase an amp. No need to find a power point or source
  • Sounds great when being played quietly so students can play at home comfortably
  • Classical styled guitars have very gentle strings
  • Steel String Guitars can be made louder via the inclusion of a pickup/preamp
  • The instrument is very light to hold
  • Can be played as an individual or in group settings
  • Sounds amazing when being played to accompany singing

The transition from an Acoustic or Classical style guitar to electric is very easy as the fretboard remains the same allowing for all techniques, skills and knowledge to be immediately transferred. Another great aspect of learning the guitar is that it can provide a really good foundation to play the bass as the four top strings are the same tuning ( E - A - D and G ) and the fretboards are identical.

The Electric Guitar is a great choice:

  • While Electric Guitars will be slightly heavier in weight than an classical, in most cases playing electric is the ideal choice when seeking to learn and perform modern contemporary styles such as Rock, Pop and Blues.
  • Can be practiced without an amp
  • Really comes 'alive' when plugged into an amplifier. These range from small quiet practice amps to the very loud stage amps. Turn it up !!
  • Sounds really cool when adding effects such as distortion, delay and overdrive
  • Some techniques are generally easier to play such as string bending
  • It can be easily modified such as changing the string size gauges and pickups to get an entirely new and different sound. So no need to purchase a new instrument, simply change the electronics if you like the feel of your current one
  • Very durable if played correctly
  • Many styles other than Rock/Blues can be authentically played such as Jazz
  • It can be personalised with artwork and stickers. Make it look cool !!
  • Similar to other guitars, it can be played with alternate tunings

The Bass Guitar/Upright is a great choice:

  • A great Bassline in music can help drive the music and make it feel even better
  • Can be practised without an amp
  • Bass and Drums are a great team and locking them together makes for a reliable and groovy Rhythm Section in 100s of songs
  • While advanced techniques can be applied to the Bass, generally a musician will be playing single note type of patterns that repeat throughout the music
  • The bass when amplified provides the lower frequencies/pitches and tends to shake any room. It helps move people to dance
  • Learning the upright Bass is very good for styles such as Jazz
  • Using effects pedals can add special sounds and make the Bass really come alive in a band or music group
  • Other styles and genres such as Classical Music can be performed on the Bass and it also sounds amazing as a featured Solo Instrument
  • It can also be tuned to different 'tunings' for new fresh sounds and tones


While most of our music classes follow one of four standard music curriculums, one-on-one guitar lessons are tailored to your personal needs. Everyone learns differently, and everyone has different goals. Being taught in a way that works for you is incredibly important when learning an instrument. The teacher you choose can also have a huge impact on your learning. Booking a trial lesson with a teacher will help you get a good feel for the style of the lesson before you commit to anything. You can find out what style of guitar you want to learn (rock, classical, jazz, blues etc. ) what kind of guitar you want to learn and more.


If you don't have an instrument or aren't yet ready to commit to buying one, we offer instrument hire and purchase at competitive prices. We have a range of different guitars available for beginners.
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Liam Bradford

Qualification: Bachelor of Applied Music (Performance)
Box Hill Institute.

Liam Bradford is a fun and friendly guitarist with nearly ten years experience, and a Bachelor of Applied Music (Performance) through Box Hill Institute. Starting his musical journey at 14, Liam immediately found himself swayed with passion for the instrument, having not put his guitar down since. That passion has led him to developing a taste for a multitude of genres, varying from rock and metal, through to the blues, jazz and, even pop!

He boasts a wide stretch of musical endeavours. Liam made his start in supporting local-bands, before studying at Box Hill Institute, where he was a part of the afrobeat and soul lab ensembles there. Nowadays, Liam works with the Adrenaline Music Group, where he composes entrance music for local professional wrestlers.

Everything he does comes with passion, and he brings that vibrancy with him to his teaching.

Liam's classes include teaching both the method and the theory, assuring that his students can leave the class with a good grasp on how to read sheet music too. He's a very dedicated educator, assuring that each lesson is curated specifically for his students' needs. As each class is curated around fun, Liam takes a more personal approach, taking onboard their interests to deliver a class that is both a lesson and an experience. He strives to make sure his students leave class feeling rewarded.

To him, music is joy - and he wants to teach that and encourage it in his students.

Andy Cotter

Andy Cotter is a professional guitarist with over thirty years of teaching experience. He completed high school with a grade 8 in classical guitar and then went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Music from Latrobe University in 1991. Andy has experience teaching a wide variety of guitar and bass styles, including Classical, Jazz, Rock and Pop. He has performed and collaborated with some of Australia's best know musicians, including Scott Carne from Kids in the Kitchen and Adam Thompson from Chocolate Starfish. Andy continues to perform regularly in private school musicals throughout the city.

Andy employs the following teaching strategies.

  1. Beginner students are encouraged to explore various genres of music to establish a favourite player or style.
  2. Some technical facility is established before students learn to read music.
  3. Young beginners are taught with a classical, fingerstyle method.
  4. An emphasis on developing rhythmic skills, particularly when playing contemporary music.
  5. Andy encourages students to take AMEB and Rockschool exams.

Andy enjoys a great rapport with his students and is passionate about passing on his lifelong love of a wide array of musical styles, to them.

Stewart Thompson

Qualification: Diploma of Music Industry (Specialising in Performance), Boxhill Tafe

Stewart has been playing guitar for 15 years and has a range of experience playing different styles in different bands. He is currently studying a Bachelor's degree in music performance at Boxhill Tafe. Stewart's primary goal as a teacher, is to get his students motivated to play, and he encourages them to take an active role in directing their learning. He likes to get new students to play some simple songs before diving into the more technical aspects of the instrument. He enjoys teaching people at any level on their journey with their instrument.

zac guitar

Zachary Lazarevski ( teaches online only )

Zachary is currently studying jazz, majoring in vocal performance at Monash University. He previously studied piano performance at The University of Melbourne and at the Conservatorium of Music (2012). He also has a TAFE diploma in popular music performance (2008).
Zachary is a multi-instrumentalist who teaches guitar, ukulele, singing, piano and percussion. He teaches all styles, including Popular music, Jazz and Classical.

Zachary performs music at Christ Church St Kilda. He previously performed regularly on the Bourke Street Mall, where only the most experienced and professional buskers may perform His music lesson videos on his YouTube channel "Learn Music Like Language" have been viewed over 10,000 times. These videos have dozens of great comments such as "It's really helpful and useful!" "You really helped me, thanks," and "best teacher."
Zachary helps students to achieve excellent results in AMEB exams, including Classical guitar exams and the new AMEB Rock School popular music guitar exams that are recognised internationally!

Zachary is a music education author who wrote the highly rated book "How To Sing Any Song - 14 Secret Vocal Hacks" click this link to read the book:

Zachary is passionate about researching the learning methods of the greatest musicians of all time such as J.S. Bach, Mozart, Miles Davis & Stevie Wonder. He has discovered that all these great musicians learned music like a language - they listened and imitated, learned music by ear, improvised, and composed. Zachary helps you learn music like a language. A typical lesson plan is as follows:

  1. Student chooses one of their favorite songs
  2. Zac teaches the whole song, by rote and by ear
  3. Zac teaches how to identify and perform the parts of the song - the rhythm patterns, tonal patterns, and chord patterns.
  4. Zac teaches how to master the rhythm, tonal and chord patterns in a fun way by improvising and creating simple songs or compositions with them
  5. Through these little music composition exercises, students gain a deep understanding of music theory, reading and writing music notation.
Zachary is also a highly experienced vocal coach. He can teach singing and guitar together. With Zachary you can learn many musical styles, including pop, rock, R&B, jazz and classical. You will be excellent at learning songs by ear, improvising, composing and songwriting. If you want to participate in AMEB examination program, Zachary will help you to prepare any type of exams including Contemporary, Classical and Rockschool exams.

  • We offer face to face and online individual and group lessons.

  • We provide preparation for AMEB, ABRSM, VCE and other examinations.

  • We organize student's performances several times a year.

  • We can book music lessons for all of your children at the same day and time.

  • We can sell and hire music instruments and books for you from our studio.

  • Discounts are available for families with multiple children enrolled, as well as for multiple lessons booked in a week.

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