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Dominic Stitt

Dominic Stitt is a professional drummer and trumpet performer as well as a passionate instrumental teacher who has experience in tutoring children and adults for several years.
He was graduated with Bachelor in Music (Jazz & Improvisation) from University of Melbourne in 2020.
Dominic’s achievements:

  • Artist representative for Meinl Percussion Australia at AUDW expo 2018
  • Alumni of the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School (through audition) (2014-2015)
  • Former drum student of Chris Brien, and most recorded drummer in Australia Mr. Graham Morgan
  • Has performed and recorded with some of Melbourne top musicians, including ARIA award winners Barney Mcall and Daniel Merriweather
  • Recipient of the 2017 University of Melbourne Marion Thomas Award Scholarship, value of $4,500 for “outstanding achievement in the field of performance and the consistency of students' studies and contribution to musical activities in the Victorian community.”
Alex Pertout, percussionist- composer, educator, Senior Lecturer from Jazz & Improvisation Department Melbourne Conservatorium of Music University of Melbourne said:

“Dominic is an outstanding young drummer/percussionist with whom I have had the pleasure to engage in both as an educator - during his tenure as a remarkable student of the Jazz & Improvisation Program at the University of Melbourne - as well as a superb performing colleague in the concert stage. Dominic is a serious practitioner, his touch displays a highly developed sense of musicianship, has the potential to continue to develop skills to greater heights and is destined to enjoy an extremely successful career in the music profession at large.”

Through studying music from the age of 5 Dominic has developed self-discipline, patience, communication skills and an enthusiastic attitude towards learning – these all very important skills Dominic now is passing on to his students. Dominic teaches for leisure as well as for AMEB exams including Contemporary and Rockschool types.

Julie Anne

Qualification: ANZCA Associate Performer Diploma A.Dip.A in Modern Singing, Piano and theory of Music

Julie Anne is multi- instrumentalist who has over ten years’ experience in teaching drums, guitar, bass, ukulele violin and cello, voice and piano.

Julie has obtained additional music education through high school music classes and VET music unit 1,2, 3 & 4 Performance. Through these music classes Julie learned to play, read notes, chords for the drums, violin, cello, guitar and bass.

Julie believes that learning any instrument begins with learning the basics of their chosen instrument and then developing a consistent and effective practice routine. Practicing at least 30 min for the beginner level and 60 mins for the advanced level every day will tremendously benefit student’s progress. Julia’s approach to the lesson is to keep the lesson fun, enjoyable.
Julie is not only teaches accentual practical and theoretical aspects of an instrument but also to engage student in an activity that enables then to have fun with every aspect of learning music. Julie is a very easy-going friendly patient person and she likes to conduct the lesson at the student’s rate and level appropriately

Zachary Lazarevski

Zachary is a multi-instrumentalist who teaches drums & hand-percussion, and also guitar, piano and singing. He teaches all styles of drumming, including popular, rock, R&B, jazz, Latin, African and World music.
Zachary performs music at Christ Church St Kilda. He previously performed regularly on the Bourke Street Mall, where only the most experienced and professional buskers may perform.

His music lesson videos on his YouTube channel “Learn Music Like Language” have been viewed over 10,000 times. These videos have dozens of great comments such as “It’s really helpful and useful!” “You really helped me, thanks,” and “best teacher.” Zachary is currently studying jazz performance at Monash University. He previously studied classical music at The University of Melbourne at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music (2012). He has a TAFE diploma in popular music performance (2008).
Zachary can help students achieve excellent results in the AMEB Rock School exams for drums, recognised internationally!

Zachary has researched and learned many rhythm learning pedagogical methods. He follows the “Syllables Based on Beat Functions” approach developed by world-leading music education researcher Edwin E. Gordon. He also uses the outstanding Takadimi rhythm system which is based on an ancient Indian rhythmic language called Konnakol.

Zachary is passionate about researching the learning methods of the greatest musicians of all time such as Mozart, Miles Davis & Stevie Wonder. He has discovered that all great musicians learned music like a language - they listened and imitated, learned music by ear, improvised, and composed. Zachary helps you learn music like a language. A typical lesson plan is as follows:

  1. Zac teaches the drum part of the song, by rote and by ear
  2. Zac teaches how to identify, chant & write all the individual rhythm patterns
  3. Zac teaches how to master the rhythm patterns in a fun way by improvising and creating simple percussion compositions with them!
  4. Zac teaches how to master the rhythm, tonal and chord patterns in a fun way by improvising and creating simple songs or compositions with them
  5. Through these little rhythm composition exercises, students gain a deeper understanding of music theory & reading & writing rhythm notation
Zac is also a highly experienced piano, guitar and singing teacher. He encourages anyone who is serious about drumming to learn some basic guitar, piano or singing fundamentals with him. This way students become complete and versatile musicians who get better grades on exams and experience a greater mastery and enjoyment of music as a whole!

The benefits

  • Significantly improved sense of rhythm
  • Development of multi-tasking skills
  • Improvements in hand-eye coordination
  • Greatly assists in brain development
  • Improves focus, concentration and mental acuity
  • Applicable to virtually any style of music
  • Stress relief
  • Fitness
  • FUN!