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Musical Theatre combines singing, acting, spoken dialogue and dance to tell a story. It is a form of dramatic production that allows for a deeper connection of storytelling that many other forms of entertainment don't provide. Alla's Music Studio offers musical theatre classes for groups and individuals. Whether you're a budding actor or actress or you're looking to improve your skills, our teachers can provide the guidance and direction you need to excel. Book a trial lesson today

Where Does Musical Theatre Come From?

Musical theatre originated from the Opera, and during the 18th Century Opera was one of the most popular and important forms of theatre. Overtime theatre groups experimented with satire and comedic touches and the less serious approach to storytelling grew in popularity in Europe. In the 19th Century it was America that started to turn these comedic opera shows into Musical Theatre, first known as Minstrel shows. This is when a small cast developed larger than life characters where they told stories through song, then, the second act featured dance and song with comedy routines in between, and finally the third act was a play. This was the first time singing, acting and dancing was put together in one show and thus Musical Theatre was developed. Musical theatre is a different genre of music and therefore requires different vocal techniques. It requires the singer to learn how to connect acting with singing or rather how to act through the voice. Vocal health is also a significant concern in Musical Theatre as shows combine singing and spoken dialogue that can often be tiring on the voice.

Why Take Lessons for Musical Theatre?

Students of all levels will benefit from lessons if they are preparing for local amateur theatre productions, school productions, exams such as the AMEB musical theatre syllabus, auditions or just for fun. Students will learn vocal technique including a focus on ensuring vocal health, acting the song rather than just performing the song, learn how to give nuanced performances, acting tips, music theory and general theatre piece practices such as beats, phrasing, colour, texture and breath markings.


Drama is the portrayal of fictional characters and events presented via play for theatre, television, radio or film. Acting is the art of performing as a character to tell a story, and it requires careful technique and practice to understand the approach to learning a character, making solid choices for the character, through to performing as the character in the most authentic way.

Learn Drama and Acting the Right Way

Through lessons students will learn and understand imagination exercises, vocal exercises, script and text analysis, drama games, monologues, character analysis, exploring techniques such as the Stanislavski Method and Laban movement and improvisation. Students of all levels will benefit from lessons if they are preparing for local amateur theatre productions, school productions, exams such as the AMEB Speech and Drama syllabus, auditions or just for fun. For more information on our drama lessons or to book a trial lesson, contact us today.

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