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Our Cello Teachers

Ana Maria Rojas Leal

Qualification: Master in Music, University of The Andes
Teaches Cello from the beginner to intermediate level.

Ana Maria Began her musical studies in cello and violin at the age of 6. With her skills as a cellist, she performed as a soloist, an orchestral interpreter and a teacher. She was playing cello with the Young Orchestra Symphonic of Colombia.

Ana Maria improved her skills as a cellist when she began her professional studies in university of the Andes. Further, she studied cello at the University of Cuba, where she also learned improvisation and musicology.

In 2013, Ana Maria participated in a concerts cycle with the Colombian Symphonic Orchestra as cellist and violinist. At the same year she began to teach cello at the University of the Andes, with Battuta foundation and with the music programs of the Capital City. In this music programs, Ana Maria attended different courses as multi – instrumentalist teacher. She spent several years more learning Cello, Bass and the other string instruments. During 2017 and 2018 that Ana Maria was teaching Cello and Bass in Cakike foundation. She conducted a children orchestra during 2019.

Ana Maria enjoying teaching children as well as adult students. Patience and encouragement are her best qualities as a teacher Ana Maria can combine teaching methods such as Traditional and Suzuki to better accommodate the student.

.If grade exams are the main goal for the individual, Ana Maria is comfortable to teach AMEB, ABRSM and the other syllabuses

Julie Anne

Qualification: ANZCA Associate Performer Diploma A.Dip.A in Modern Singing, Piano and theory of Music

Julie Anne is multi- instrumentalist who has over ten years’ experience in teaching violin and cello at the beginner level; guitar, bass, ukulele, drum at intermediate level and voice and piano at the advanced level.

Julie believes that learning any instrument begins with learning the basics of their chosen instrument and then developing a consistent and effective practice routine. Practicing at least 30 min for the beginner level and 60 mins for the advanced level every day will tremendously benefit student’s progress.

Julie started her piano lessons at the age of 6.
Her first organ, piano and keyboard teacher was Shirley Redford. Her theory teacher was June Mclean. Julie has obtained further music education through high school music classes and VET music unit 1,2, 3 & 4 Performance. Through these music classes Julie learned to play, read notes, chords for the violin, cello, guitar and bass. Julia’s approach to the lesson is to keep the lesson fun, enjoyable.. Julie is not only teaches accentual practical and theoretical aspects of an instrument but also to engage student in an activity that enables then to have fun with every aspect of learning music.
Julie is a very easy-going friendly patient person and she likes to conduct the lesson at the student’s rate and level appropriately

The benefits

  • Enhanced memory function
  • Fantastic hand-eye coordination improvements
  • Posture and back improvements
  • Improved mental dexterity and accuracy
  • Improvements in academic performance
  • Builds and improves physical strength
  • Teaches appropriate emotional expression through music