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Our Cello Teachers

Brenny Dinh

Qualification: AMusA Diploma, Melbourne

Brenny first began his musical education learning piano and cello at the age of 5. He was later awarded the Patrick Loftus Hills Music Scholarship at Xavier College where he completed his AMusA Diploma on cello under the guidance of Rohan De Korte from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Throughout his musical journey, Brenny has had the opportunity to tour and perform in the Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival in Vienna in 2016 as the principal cellist. Learning the cello has allowed Brenny to engage in a variety of ensembles such as string quartet, symphony orchestras, string orchestras and musical theatres where he has performed in venues such as the MCG, Hammer Hall, Cathedrals and the Wiener Konzerthaus.

Brenny has experience performing a wide repertoire on the cello, ranging from the Renaissance period to Contemporary Music Period. He especially enjoys music from the Romantic Era and Contemporary Period where he can express his musicality to match the characteristics of the piece. In addition to classical music, Brenny enjoys improvising mainstream music on piano where he was influenced by his piano teacher Tim Topham to learn new genres and hopes students will feel encouraged to expose themselves to different musical styles.

Brenny's teaching style is focused on building a musical foundation with students and fostering effective practice habits by incorporating self-discipline. Ultimately, Brenny aims to ensure lessons are enjoyable and hopes students can utilise their new skills through performances and ensembles to make the most out of their musical experience.

Gabriel Kenner

Having started learning cello at the age of 5, Gabriel completed the music program at his high school, finishing Year 12 with a Music Award.

Wanting to find a connection between modes of healing therapy and creative music practice, his study journey has seen him complete a Bachelors of Psychology and Psychophysiology at Swinburne University (Hawthorne) and move on to his second degree: a Bachelors of Music (Composition and Cello Performance).

He hopes to soon apply to one of Australia's few Masters of Music Therapy programs at Melbourne University.

Gabriel enjoys teaching young students as well as adults. Gabriel strives to bring a sense of fun and enthusiasm to his classes.

Looking to bring out the best in his students, he hopes that everybody learns to love music - the lessons, the understanding, the practice, and the performance - in their own personal way.

Gabriel teaches beginner to intermediate cello and beginner piano.

Vanessa Marryatt

Vanessa Marryatt began her studies in music first on the piano at the age of five, and later on the cello at age ten. Finding a strong passion for music, she is currently studying for a Bachelor of Music at the University of Melbourne, majoring in cello performance. As a performer, Vanessa has attended several festivals such as the Melbourne Cello Festival (2017) and the Akaroa festival (2018 & 2019), where she had the opportunity to perform as a soloist as well as within various ensembles. She has worked alongside and learned from world-class performers such as Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi, Brandon Vamos, Alvin Wong, Howard Penny, Ramon Jaffe, Inbal Megiddo, Yelian He, and Alexander Gebert. She also had many performance opportunities during her studies with the Pettman National Junior Academy in Auckland.

While in Auckland, Vanessa was heavily involved in her high school and extra curricular music ensembles. Vanessa has also been the recipient of the University of Melbourne's Liselotte 'Lilo' Nassau Scholarship in 2019 for excellence in music. Currently, she is involved in the University of Melbourne Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as various student-run ensembles. She enjoys working with a range of musicians, with experience collaborating with both contemporary composers at the Victorian College of the Arts, and classical composers and musicians.

Vanessa is a passionate and engaged teacher, with experience teaching both cello and piano and a diverse range of ages. She carefully tailors her lessons to the needs and interest of the student, and believes that joy in music should be cultivated throughout the learning process. She strives for all her students to not only develop a strong technical and musical understanding of their instrument, but also an independent and unique approach to their expression of their music. Vanessa also incorporates theory into all lessons to strengthen her students' fluency in the language of music.

The benefits


  • Enhanced memory function
  • Fantastic hand-eye coordination improvements
  • Posture and back improvements
  • Improved mental dexterity and accuracy
  • Improvements in academic performance
  • Builds and improves physical strength
  • Teaches appropriate emotional expression through music

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