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The bass guitar is the driving force of any band, and a fun instrument in its own right. If you're looking to learn bass guitar, either for fun or to play professionally, Alla's Music Studio can set you on a path of musical mastery. Our teachers can take you from absolute beginner to your desired skill level, or further, providing you with a solid foundation for ongoing musical development. We aim to foster a love of music from the ground up, helping both children and adults learn music in a way that's fun and intuitive.
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Personalised Lesson Plans

While all our lessons follow a standard curriculum overall, we tailor your lessons to ensure you can learn in a way that works for you and helps you reach your goals. Music isn't something you can break down into formulas and absolutes. It's felt intuitively and mastery only comes through experience and enjoyment. When you start with us your teacher will sit down with you to work out what your goals are and how to best reach them. We also offer flexible lesson options, with in-person and lessons online lessons available in both private and group formats.

Bass Guitar Lessons Curriculum

All our bass guitar lessons follow a general path set out by one of four main streams of musical education, based on the student's needs. These are classical grading, leisure grading, professional preparation, and leisure only. Whatever your goals are we can set you up with lessons and a curriculum that will help you achieve your goals, whether that's simply to enjoy playing at home, to join a band, or even play bass guitar on the world stage. Read more about lessons and our full curriculum.

Bass Guitar Purchase And Hire

If you don't have a bass guitar, don't panic! We offer instrument hire and purchase through our music studio at competitive prices.
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Why You Should Learn The Bass Guitar

  • Easy to pick up, hard to master
  • Learn groove and rhythm and harmony
  • Improve hand-eye coordination
  • Strengthen hand muscles
  • Develop confidence and stage presence
  • Improve cognitive ability and critical thinking

Our Bass Guitar Teachers

Andy Cotter

Andy Cotter is a professional guitarist with over thirty years of teaching experience. He completed high school with a grade 8 in classical guitar and then went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Music from Latrobe University in 1991. Andy has experience teaching a wide variety of guitar and bass styles, including Classical, Jazz, Rock and Pop. He has performed and collaborated with some of Australia's best know musicians, including Scott Carne from Kids in the Kitchen and Adam Thompson from Chocolate Starfish. Andy continues to perform regularly in private school musicals throughout Melbourne.

Andy employs the following teaching strategies.

  1. Beginner students are encouraged to explore various genres of music to establish a favourite player or style.
  2. Some technical facility is established before students learn to read music.
  3. Young beginners are taught with a classical, fingerstyle method.
  4. An emphasis on developing rhythmic skills, particularly when playing contemporary music.
  5. Andy encourages students to take AMEB and Rockschool exams.

Andy enjoys a great rapport with his students and is passionate about passing on his lifelong love of a wide array of musical styles, to them.

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  • We offer face to face and online individual and group lessons.

  • We provide preparation for AMEB, ABRSM, VCE and other examinations.

  • We organize student's performances several times a year.

  • We can book music lessons for all of your children at the same day and time.

  • We can sell and hire music instruments and books for you from our studio.

  • Discounts are available for families with multiple children enrolled, as well as for multiple lessons booked in a week.