AMEB session dates

AMEB Examination Dates

Alla's Music Studio encouraging students to participate in AMEB or ABRSM exams.

AMEB and ABRSM examinations are formal musical examinations that grant internationally-accredited qualifications regarding a student's skill in their instrument.

Preparation to the exam will motivate to practice, discipline their knowledge's, improve their overall skills in chosen instruments, develop Sight reading and Aural skills.

There are different types of the exam. It is very important to choose the right type for every student and it depends on every student individuality. Any exam need a commitment from the students and regular practicing.

Types of the exam:

  • AMEB Comprehensive type: includes 5 and later 6 pieces, technical exercises, scales, Sight reading, Aural test and General knowledge.This exam require more commitment from the student and it takes longer time to prepare.
  • AMEB for Leisure: includes 3 pieces, less scales, the choice will be given between Aural and Sight reading, General knowledge.
  • AMEB Repertoire exam; only 4, or later 5 pieces
  • AMEB Rockschool Repertoire exam, where the student have to prepare only 5 popular songs to perform with the backing track.
  • AMEB Rockschool Grading which includes 3 songs, Aural, Sight reading or Improvisation, and technical work.

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Things you need to remember:

  • Students who are preparing for examinations, must purchase the appropriate exam book(s).
  • All pencil marks have to be removed from the original score.

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