Viola Lessons at Alla's Music Studios  

Lawrence Tsui

Lawrence teaches in Bentleigh studio.

Lawrence has been playing violin since the age of 3. He has gained a vast knowledge in baroque, classical and romantic music over the years of playing. During these years, he has been privileged to perform and learn music from different parts of the world such as Europe and Singapore. Currently Lawrence is completing music course at Monash Uni.

Lawrence’s goal for teaching is to provide a motivating environment in which students can grow in to not only enjoying playing the instrument but also to always strive for improvement. Lawrence can teach violin up to advanced level and piano at the beginner level.

Vincy U

Vincy teaches in Bentleigh studio (Traditional and Suzuki method).

Vincy started learning the violin at the age of four and a half years old and was introduced to the Suzuki method and progressed through to the AMEB traditional method after a few years. Because of this change, her technical skills improved immensely. She achieved her AMusA at 16. She was introduced to ensemble playing through various professional and amateur orchestras. Due to her experience with various orchestral and solo repertoire, she will teach the skills that are required to create a well-rounded violinist. Having taught violin at various levels and at different schools and places, she shares her musical knowledge through her lessons. Focusing on technique, Vincy will also introduce musicality to enhance the student’s experience and enjoyment in learning violin. She will advise them on how to practise wisely and enjoyably. Vincy teaches violin to students of all levels and relates well to students of all ages. “I mainly use the traditional style of teaching. For beginners, I would use Paul Rolland’s books for beginners. These books allow them to learn something new each lesson, giving them incentive to practise every week.

First of all, I would allow my students to familiarise with bow hold, how to hold the instrument. Then, I would allow them to familiarise with open strings. Bowing straight is a crucial thing. (i.e. parallel to the bridge, guide their right arm if needed) The left hand would come later so during this stage, the right hand would be placed just under the neck of the violin.

Counting can be taught using the bow and bow division would also be taught at the same time. This is done using open strings. Always providing positive praise and never saying no is an important point as criticism would tense the students.

In later lessons:
- A log book would be provided so they can keep track of how much practice is done. Left hand shape will be taught as well.
- Studies, scales, technical work will also be used.
- Repertoire will be also be taught.